Sunday, August 30, 2009

Homemade #2 - Eggplant

Lightly pan-fried eggplant from our garden (very thin)
1/4 lb Fresh Mozz from Woodstock Meats
Don Pepino Pizza Sauce
Bonelli EV Olive Oil
110g Filtered Water (Room Temp)
168g Bread Flour
1 tsp Iodized Salt
1 tsp Active Dry Yeast

Making the Pizza
Combined and mixed ingredients for 10 sec, let sit for 15 min
Mixed with spoon for 6 minutes, let sit for 10 min
Kneeded for 2-3 minutes, shaped, let sit for 5 min
Placed in plastic container in fridge (few drops of evoo on bottom)
Left in fridge for 24 hours, took out 1 hour prior to baking

Preheated oven to 500 for 30 minutes w/Pizza Stone on lowest shelf
Shaped pizza, added small amount of fine cornmeal to bottom and placed on peal
Added sauce
Added eggplant
Added mozzarella pieces opposite eggplant
Quick/light drizzle of olive oil
Baked for 10 minutes exactly

Crust browned up nicely and was crispier than last time, was expected as I cooked at 500...much better, yet the crust still still had a good amount of springiness. Eggplant and Mozz was delicious too!

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