Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Clam Pizza

Wow, it has been a long time! Since I last posted I have made a whole lot of pizza and a whole lot of bread! This was by far the best pizza yet. I am starting to get the hang of working with the sourdough culture and knowing when it is active. I used 30g of culture for this pizza with the same ratios of flour/water/salt as below. Scratch that, I halved the salt.

After shaping my dough, I put down a layer of sliced whole milk mozzarella. I put my clam mixture on top of that (I small can of clams, 1tbsp olive oil, 1sp minced garlic, a few sprinkles of sea salt). I was originally going to do a white pizza, but at the last minute I added a little pizza sauce on top.

Cooked it for 9 minutes at roughly 500. And finally, the pictures (taken on my phone, will use a better camera in the future)!

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